Yes, I am MottonBunchie!

The GREAT Youtuber, Gmodder, Photoshoper, DeviantArter, Team Fortresser, Gamer, Pootiser, call me what ever ye want. :3

My real Name is Martin, im 16 years old and live in Norway!

Im soon going to High School when the summer comes to become a Game designer / Animation designer / 3D Model designer (and yes that means less videos :c). My intrests lies mostly in video games such as "Team Fortress 2, Halo series, Assassins Creed series, World Of Warcraft series (Including Warcraft games), Half Life series, Portal series, The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, Vexx" and plenty of more games! Im hoping to one day work for a gaming company that makes games of my intrests such as "Valve or 343 Industries" so I can be a part of creating something HUGE!