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Retarded Stories with Bunchie (currently dead) (Serie)
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11 March 2012

Im gonna be making a brand new Mini-series called:

"Retarded Stories with Bunchie" and each episode will have a special topic to follow. The Mini-series is based of kitty0706's series called "Moments with Heavy"

Moments with Heavy - Heavy Goes Bowling

I will try to make it a little bit different from Kitty0706's series, and still funny / random too!

The series will mostly be completely random, but will also have a small story line to follow. The main characters in the series will always be the Heavy with Dragonborn helmet (AKA MottonBunchie) and sometimes the creator behind all MottonBunchie videos. Minor characters in the video will often be either BlestJungle30, Hurdle Turtle, Vzzoroo, GlaDOSpulse or someone completely random... LIKE NIKO BELLIC!

Stay tuned! I will make this some day!


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