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Characters (Others)
Others project

Characters from the videos


Main Characters:


Heavy with Dragonborn Helmet from Skyrim and sword. Moves and acts like a heavy, but also more intelligent! MottonBunchie is also the dovhakiin with shouting powers, but yet nobody believes him.



Spy with Dashin' Hashshashin from Assassins Creed and hidden blades. Moves and acts like an assassin, prefers silence and darkness. BlestJungle30's assassin rank is unkown and no one really knows him except MottonBunchie. This assassin have experienced the Apple of Eden like others such as Altaļr, Ezio and Desmond.



Engineer with Brainiac Hairpeice and the Safe'n'sound from TF2. Always carries a guitar on his back from Meet The Engineer which he uses to rock some brains out. Hurdle Turtle moves and acts like an engineer, only more intelligent. This man has the brains of Einstein, Hawking, Da Vinci, Darwin and Isaac Newton combined. He prefers to invent new things and work with music.


Minor Characters:

The Creator

Scout with customized clothing. He usually don't wear any hats but if he ever did, it would be a helmet from TF2 or Bill's hat from L4D. The Creator goes by the name Martin (the creator of MottonBunchie's videos) and created himself into the videos one day when he was bored. The Creator is the most powerful character in the series. He has the ability to controll how the video shall be.


The He-Man (work in progress)

Soldier with Battlebob painted Australium gold. No more info is released.



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